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Welcome to the SCTP Conformance Test Suite Project!

The Conformance Test Suite for Linux Kernel Stream Control Transmission Protocol Project is a packet level test suite. The primary goal of this project is to check whether the implementation of the Stream Control Transmission Protocol in the Linux kernel is based on the features and functions defined in the following documents:

In addition to the ongoing development effort, this project also aims to test the future RFC features.

What's New?

Latest release sctp-1.0.1 is now available.

The latest version, sctp-1.0.1, installs and runs on all version of Linux kernel. You can download the latest release on SourceForge and try it out.

The develop git tree is available at here.

Supported Features

A list of features and functions currently supported in sctp can be found in summary of features and functions.

About us

The SCTP Conformance Test Suite Project is create by Fujitsu and Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Tech. Co., Ltd.(FNST)

If you would like to join the project, or if you have any problems or questions regarding current releases, please send mail to Hiroaki Kago or Wei Yongjun, also you can send mail to