SCTP Conformance Test For Authentication Chunks

Tool Version :REL_3_1_0
Test Program Version :REL_1_0_0

Start:2009/01/30 20:12:23
End :2009/01/30 20:12:23

No.Title ResultLogScriptPacketDump


1Initialization Test EnvironmentPASSXX-Link0

Establishment of an Association Shared Key

2The RANDOM parameter MUST be included once in the INIT or INIT-ACK chunkPASSXXXLink0
3The CHUNKS parameter MAY be omitted in the INIT or INIT-ACK chunk if it is emptyPASSXXXLink0
4The HMAC-ALGO parameter MUST be included once in the INIT or INIT-ACK chunkPASSXXXLink0

Sending Authenticated Chunks

5Send all requested chunks that have been authenticated where this has been requested by the peerPASSXXXLink0
6INIT, INIT-ACK, SHUTDOWN-COMPLETE, and AUTH chunks listed in the CHUNKS parameter MUST be ignoredPASSXXXLink0
7The receiver of an HMAC-ALGO parameter SHOULD use the first listed algorithm it supportsPASSXXXLink0

Receiving Authenticated Chunks

8Authentication Chunk is received with an unsupported HMAC IdentifierPASSXXXLink0
9Authentication Chunk is received with no shared key matchPASSXXXLink0
10Authentication Chunk is received with Message Authentication Code not matchPASSXXXLink0
11Authentication Chunk is received from endpoint which has no AUTH capablePASSXXXLink0

Authentication Chunk Header

12Authentication Chunk is received with chunk length less than AUTH chunk headerPASSXXXLink0
13Authentication Chunk is received with HMAC length not match HMAC AlgorithmPASSXXXLink0

Random Parameter Header

14The association MUST be aborted if the Random Number is not 32 bytesPASSXXXLink0

Chunk List Parameter Header

15The maximum length of Chunk List Parameter is 260 bytesPASSXXXLink0

Requested HMAC Algorithm Parameter Header

16The list of HMAC Identifiers in HMAC-ALGO parameter is emptyPASSXXXLink0
17The HMAC algorithm based on SHA-1 MUST be supported and included in the HMAC-ALGO parameterPASSXXXLink0

This Report was generated by TAHI IPv6 Conformance Test Suite